Architextures Quilt - WIP

I decided to put an applique of the state of Wisconsin on the back of my son's quilt. 
He actually called one of my quilts "a little piece of home" so it seems appropriate to put this on the back of the new quilt I am making for him. 

I had no idea how difficult this was going to be!  The first struggle had more to do with my lack of ambition.  I really wanted to make cut out each county in the state from a different color of fabric and piece them all together.  That was until I realized how many counties there are in this state.  There are 72 just in case you were wondering. Considering I have made quilts where the first instruction was cut 360 squares...this should not be all that difficult however, each one being a custom shape was somewhat overwhelming to me. 

A friend (thank you, Midge) suggested I use the Wisconsin Tourism map that breaks it down into sections.  So we now have the Northwest, Northeast, Central, Southeast, Southwest, South Central and East Central designations.  This worked well and for more than me being a little lazy.  These shapes would fit on my leftover solid charm squares.  How perfect is that!

The next obstacle was working with Heat N Bond.  Do I trace the map inverted or not?  I can never remember.  And what do I do about the Apostle Islands and Washington Island? Washington Island might be big enough to cut out a dot but the Apostle Islands are pretty small.  I might have to draw them in with fabric ink.  So now I am ready to fuse them to the fabric and stitch around all the shapes.  But before I do that I have to decide whether or not to cut out Lake Winnebago or draw that on as well.  Maybe I should stitch some highways too...
This is going to be fun.

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