Scraptastic - WIP

I have all these scraps from the herringbone squares baby quilt I made.  The fabric is from Jenn Ski's Ten Little Things collection and it is so fun. Because of that I just can't throw away all those scraps.  Cutting all those angles left so many of them that I sewed them together and made big blocks out of them.  There were also a few strips left that I didn't use when making the herringbones that I used those too.  So now I have these crazy squares and I don't know what to do with them.  Amazingly, I discovered something about my design board.  It really sparks inspiration.  First I put the blocks up on the board.  Then I discovered a sort of size pattern among the blocks.  So I put like width blocks in a column.  Before I knew it, I had something that could be sewn together into a quilt top! Now I just have to decide if I am going to frame them in another fabric. I have plenty more from the Ten Little Things line or leave them as is.  I think I will call this one Scraptastic because it sure is.

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