Chloe's Princess Tote Bag

I had this little piece of Disney princess fabric that I didn't know what to do with.  I found some pretty dotted fabric to go with it, but I still didn't know what to make out of it.  Chloe walked around with the piece for a few days, she loves the princesses on it.  There's a little glitter on it too so that attracts her attention as well as the princesses.

I finally decided to make a skirt out of it. I had a simple tutorial that I used in the past and it was very cute when made with two fabrics.  When I mentioned it to my daughter she said she would prefer that Chloe have a tote bag.  She likes to haul some of her toys with her whenever they get in the car, so it would be helpful to have a nice sturdy bag that was smaller than those carried by adults. 

So here it is.  It measures 12 inches wide, 11 inches tall and 3 inches deep.  It is quilted with a layer of batting so it stands up on its own.  It has a little bit of rick rack for an extra design touch and the handles are pretty short, made for small arms to carry without having it dragging on the ground.  I had just finished sewing binding on a quilt so I had a piece of binding left and I attached it to the top of this bag to finish the edge.  Talk about great timing and using up leftovers! It worked out great.

When I gave it to Chloe she immediately filled it up with her Little People Princesses and carried them out to the car.  Funny thing was her mother wasn't planning on going anywhere.

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