Radio Way Quilt Completed

I have always loved the pattern, Radio Way by Jaybird Quilts.  Even though I loved it, I never purchased it. Normally I have more patterns than I have time to use, so I can't explain why I never owned this one.  I think I decided not to buy it until I knew what I would use it for. It was kind of a resolution to try and stop the madness of having too many ideas and no progress on any of them. This resolution never seems to last very long.

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, while surfing quilting websites, I stumbled upon Julie Herman's post on her blog about how she had a few kits left for Radio Way.  So there I was, not only getting the pattern but also the exact same fabric that was featured on the cover of said pattern. The colors combination is beautiful.

When the fabric came in the mail, I couldn't wait to make it.  It was so easy to put these colors together, I hardly had to try. In fact it was probably best if I didn't think too hard about it. The kit did not come with the white fabric, just the beautiful strips but lo and behold, I had 5 yards of Kona white on hand. I always try to keep a big chunk of that in case of an emergency.  As if there's such a thing as a quilting emergency.  :-)

After finishing the top, I took some of the leftover strips and incorporated them into the back.  The quilting is daisies.  They go so well with the daisy prints in the quilt.  So now that it's all done I can't wait to ship it off to my daughter-in-law, it seems perfect for her.  It is so modern and stylish just like her.

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