Sweet Sundays Quilters - Patriotic Quilt Completed

I meet with a wonderful group of ladies from my church 2 Wednesday afternoons a month and we sew.  We make quilts to be donated to various groups that need them.  One of the places we take the quilts is our local VA hospital. So we make them in patriotic colors and masculine prints.

Besides bed quilts, we make lap quilts for wheelchair patients. I've made 3 lap quilts so far this year, and did not photograph any of them! Oh well.

This quilt is a simple one, as most of our donated ones are. It's not that I wouldn't make fancier quilts for donation, but we are going for quantity so we have to get them done rather quickly. Our group leader calls them utility quilts so they are made of leftovers, recycles, everything that we can match up and turn into something usable. The people who receive them are very appreciative and that is all that counts.

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