Ron Swanson Quilt - Completed

Happy Zombie Quilt Along
Ron Swanson Quilt
I finished the binding on the Ron Swanson quilt today. It was a sunny 84 degrees this afternoon; a perfect time to sit outside and hand stitch. Although I do admit that having the quilt on my lap was making me a little warm. I used a polyester-cotton blend for the batting on this one which made it considerably lighter than one made with Warm 'N Natural batting so I really should not complain. I know a lot of people don't care for the poly-blend battings, but I find that when I am working on something that is not very practical, the poly-blend works just fine.  In fact, I like the loftier yet lighter feel of it when working on something like this that will probably spend more time hanging on a wall than on a lap.  But we shall see, it might be just as nice on a lap too!

I was inspired by a comment my nephew, Jason made regarding the quilt when I posted the WIP on Facebook. He used a Ron Swanson quote to compliment my work so I turned that into a block on the back of the quilt.  Thank you, Jason.

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