Recycled Wine Bottle Garden Border

I've been saving wine bottles for a very long time. I have a large plastic garbage can that I've been filling with the bottles over the past year and now the can is full. I have to do something with them in order to continue to collect more.  I really don't have the room to fill another garbage can so I decided to make a border next to the sidewalk at the back of the house.  My fear is that in winter while shoveling I might hit the bottles and break them but we rarely shovel that walk so maybe it will be ok.

Since it's been raining a lot the ground is nice and soft so it was easy to dig a little trench.  I set the bottles at random in the little trench then pounded them in with a rubber mallet. Then I filled the dirt back in between the bottles.  It was fun to read the labels and surprisingly, I remember where and when we drank the wine. It was like a trip down memory lane making it so much fun to install each bottle.
Wine bottle garden border
Wine Bottle Garden Border
Surprisingly, the giant bin of bottles didn't go as far as I thought they would so I guess we will have to work on filling it back up again.

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