5 and 6 inch zippers
I've been in the mood to start making things for the up-coming craft fair season which is fall for me. So I ordered some zippers to make some cute zipper pouches.

I order my zippers from ZipIt on Etsy. I like the prices and the shop owner is in Sheboygan, WI which is just a hop, skip and a jump from my home. I was so excited when these arrived just two days after I ordered them!

I did learn a valuable lesson after my first order. The prices were so good that I ordered 50 zippers.  I chose my colors from the pretty color chart based on colors I love thinking I mostly have fabric in the colors I love so it should all work out. Unfortunately, I needed more of some and less of others when it was time to sew.

This time I pulled out the fabrics I was going to use in my projects and ordered based on how the zippers matched up. I ended up ordering many of a few colors instead of just a few of many colors. However, I don't have many left from that first order so I guess I did alright.

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