Modern Quilt Block - Harley Museum

My Milwaukee Modern Quilt Club has decided to enter a quilt in QuiltCon this year. As a group we decided to take some of our famous Milwaukee landmarks and make them into modern quilt blocks. Each person who wanted to participate chose a landmark to transform into a block. Some of the blocks in the quilt include the Allen-Bradley clock tower, the gas light on top of the WE Energies building, Hank the Milwaukee Brewer's mascot dog, the Hoan Bridge, the Calatrava wings...I could go on an on. I chose the Harley-Davidson museum.
Using a professional photographer's image of the museum campus from the view of the canal, I cut out paper pieces until I got the parts of the buildings scaled just right. There are these orange water towers that stand on each end of the campus and I felt it was important to make sure they were in the block. To give the block a totally modern feel, I chose to take out the trees. I wanted as little applique in the block as possible for a more crisp and fresh look. 

We had a specific color palette to use so the entire quilt with have a consistent look and feel so that is why the color of the grass is an unusual shade of green. Besides the color palette our rules were few, just make it modern and make it in increments of 4-inches. My block is 24 x 8. I can't wait to see this quilt come together over the next month.
Milwaukee Modern Quilt Club

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