Zipper Purse

I have a little purse I purchased at Macy's a few years back and I just love it. It's compact with a nice zipper closure to ensure all the contents don't fall out.  I use it when I take my granddaughters to places like the children's museum and the zoo. It is just the right size for a cell phone, sunglasses, keys and some cash.

I decided to 'copy' the bag and created this little cutie based on the measurements of the store-bought one.  The only difference is that I put extra pockets on the outside of my homemade version. That way I can keep things I want to get at quickly in the pockets without having to take the time to zip/unzip the bag.

I really love how it turned out so I made a bunch for my craft fair tomorrow. Hopefully I can sell a few or at least get some feedback on them from my customers.


  1. Very cute! I bought a similar one in Hawaii (with Hawaiian fabric). It was so convenient and light weight to put over across my body and just carry sunglasses, credit cards and DL, and a little cash all zippered in securely as we went on our adventures. We even zip lined! I have been planning to make one in a more neutral color. Hope you sold a lot!

    1. Isn't Hawaii wonderful!? Yes, I made 8 of them and I only have 2 left. Thank you for your encouragement.