Quilted Bathroom Baskets

I had a client request to take a leftover piece of curtain that was part of a bathroom remake and turn it into a quilted basket to sit on the back of a toilet. The client has one of my little teacher baskets I made a few years back and wanted this one to resemble that basket only sized large enough to go in that special behind-the-toilet space. The fabric is a polyester blend that would not hold up well as a basket so its a good thing it was to be quilted. To help make it even more durable I picked up some matching twill to line the basket. The twill definitely added another layer of stand-up-ability to the basket.

I measured the back of our toilet to get some idea of dimension however, considering the size of the scrap piece, I would be limited in what I could do. The scrap piece was about 13" wide and 40" long. So I squared it up to be 12.5" x 20" to get it to the right length.  There were two pieces of scrap 3" wide by 40" so I used some of that for the handles. After I completed the basket, I had enough left over to make a smaller, taller quilted basket to match. I thought it would be a nice to roll up some hand towels, put them in the basket and place it on a bathroom sink. Or just throw your junk in it under the sink.
Quilted Basket
After the project was done all that was left was some 3" wide scraps. I think I used up the fabric wisely. I hope the client likes her basket and the little extra to go along with it.

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