Stereo Quilt - WIP

I am a huge Jaybird Quilts fan. I have all of Julie's rulers and some of her patterns. She has many (patterns) so I can't say I will ever come close to owning them all.

I've been trying to enter the brave new world of low volume quilting. I love the look and after all, white is my favorite color. I've had a Summersville by Lucie Summers layer cake for over a year now and really wanted to use it. After a recent trip to a fabric shop that specializes in modern quilting, I bought some beautiful text print and decided to pair it up with the Summersville layer cake.

I got out my Stereo by Jaybird Quilts pattern and without thinking ahead started cutting up the layer cake. Sadly, I did not plan how I was going to cut the layer cake very well. After I started cutting, I realized it would be best if I cut the large triangles from the text print and all the half triangles from the layer cake. However, I didn't realize that until it was too late. If I had planned better the resulting quilt top would have been bigger.

Even with my mistake, I do like the results even if it is smaller than I wanted. I can't wait to work on the back!
Jaybird Quilts Stereo

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