My New Bike

Before I had two major spine surgeries, I used to run. I ran a lot. And I biked. I had a triathlon bike that was a beautiful piece of equipment that suited my athletic lifestyle. I bought that bike thinking it would be the last bike I ever purchased. After all, it was very expensive and the investment had to last me a lifetime.

Little did I know at that time that everything would change so drastically. No more running and biking with my triathlon bike was impossible. Even though getting on a bike would be good exercise, the triathlon bike had clips instead of pedals that my shoes would snap into. When I tried to use them, I fell off the bike because I can't feel my feet. It's difficult to un-clip shoes from the pedals when you can't feel your feet. I also can't bend at the waist or lean over without lots of discomfort.

So I finally came to terms with the idea that I had to lose the triathlon bike and get something designed for my tattered body. And here is my newly acquired urban old-lady bike. I traded in my triathlon bike and got this little beauty. It allows me to sit upright and it even has a shock-absorber under the seat! I decided to make the best of it and I had a bike rack and basket put on the back. At least I can ride to the grocery store to pick up a few things so I will get some extra exercise in when I need to do errands.

She is a beauty, but I am still having a hard time coming to terms with all that I have lost.
Basil Basket

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