What's on the design board?

Here we are in the midst of summer, and I have to admit, I have not spent much time in my sewing room. I have an organic garden to maintain and I recently had a landscaping project in the works. I really love spending time outdoors in the summer so I never feel any angst about not sewing.

I have been working on a special project over the past few weeks. It's a cute little tea dress that has some paint stains on the front that won't come out. So I am modifying the dress into a pretty party dress. The colors of the dress are quite unique. The dress is not quite red and not quite pink or peach. It falls in-between the standard color wheel in such pretty tones that they are not easy to match. So instead of looking for a specific type of fabric I let chose what was available in the shades that matched the dress. I was pleasantly surprised at what I found.

The colors are soft and muted just like the stripe in the original dress. And since it will be a party dress, I found a nice shade of tulle to go over the top of the skirt. So so pretty. I love the drapey feel of the fabric. It has a nice soft feel to it as well. That will definitely help keep the scratchy tulle layer away from a little girl's skin.

For the entire month of July I don't expect to have anything on the design board, there's just too much to do outdoors. However, I can't wait to put this little dress all together.

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