My Small World Project

Yesterday I cleaned my sewing room. I love how nice it looks once all my fabrics are organized and put away. All the notions are stashed away and there's no more piles of batting and other stuff laying about. It's like starting with a clean slate. I even took all my city blocks off my design board. The room even feels brighter.

I thought I would take the opportunity to make a few more blocks for the my small world project. There are so many very small blocks in this quilt that I've decided to work on it a little at a time. The quilt has seven sections and I am still on section 1. I'm really not in a hurry to finish it, I want to enjoy the process and take my time. It sure is fun to mix new colors into the project.

This will definitely be a long-term project. I'm thinking maybe I can complete it by the end of summer. That feels like a reasonable goal. For now, I will work on the pinwheel blocks. I need to make 3 4-inch pinwheel blocks and 16 2-inch blocks.

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