Sewing Tote

I took the pattern I used for my Star Wars Weekender Tote and took off 1-inch from each of the length and width of the bag. After making those adjustments, I thought I would make a sewing tote for myself. The weekender bag is pretty large and I thought that cutting it down would make a more manageable sized bag.

The new tote is still pretty large, but it's just perfect for taking along projects and sewing notions to sew days. I can now get everything in one bag. I used to have a separate tote for my sewing machine notions and accessories and another for unfinished projects. This is so much easier now that I can take everything in one.

I love the purse zipper that closes nicely to keep from having everything fall out. I am pretty clutzy so I like the idea of the nice closure to keep it all together.

I added an interior pocket to this tote and an exterior one as well. I took some of the coordinating fabrics and made a patchwork piece to make the pocket. This fabric is so cute that I plan on making some zipper pouches to match the tote.

I can't wait to take this bag to my next sew date.

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