I-Spy Quilt

I put together this quilt from my larger scrap pieces and once I finished the quilt top, I totally forgot about it. I don’t know why I just let it sit there unfinished. The poor thing didn’t deserve to be left behind. So, I dug through my stash and found a nice simple print to use for the backing and quilted it. I liked how the backing looked next to the top so much that I also used the same fabric for the binding.

The pattern for this quilt is called Ashley's Journey and it is from a layer cake friendly book called Piece of Pie. I think I would like to make another quilt using this pattern with fabrics that have a much more cohesive look. Since I used leftovers with no real plan I decided that it looks much more like an I-Spy quilt than anything else. It’s cheery look makes me think it would be a good donation to a charity group.

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