Ikea Visit

I live in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, the newest home to an Ikea store. In fact, the new Ikea store is so close to me, I can literally walk there from my house. Although why would I want to? I wouldn't be able to purchase much if I did that. Ha!

On Saturday I had to opportunity to attend a by invitation only shopping event at our new Ikea store even though it doesn't officially open until May 16th. My family and I were pretty excited to go and check it out. We are familiar with the 3-story Schaumburg store and the 2-story Minneapolis store but this one is one level. It was a maze of a store where the aisles zigged and zagged in a way that we weren't sure which direction we were going. Thank goodness for the little guide arrows to tell us which direction to go. After 3 hours in the store, we took home a few good purchases.

I got this 79-cent trash can for my sewing room.

I also purchased 3 of these toy boxes with wheels. I thought they would make perfect fabric storage bins. Since they have wheels, I could easily move them around if they got heavy from too much fabric. They also have a slot in the cover so the fabrics can breathe since it's not a good idea to keep fabrics in sealed containers. I like that I can see what's inside too. And in the end if they don't work out, I can actually use them to store my granddaughters' toys too.

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