Dinosaur Quilt

I quilted my friend, Mary's dinosaur baby quilt today. I used a pantograph called La Fleur. It seemed like a sort of modern leafy pattern that would go well with the dinosaurs.

Mary asked for high-loft batting in this quilt so I wanted to quilt a pattern that was less dense in order to make the quilt puffier. I mean why use high-loft batting if it wasn't going to show? This pantograph was nice for that and it was 6.5 inches wide so I could get more rows of quilting done on this smaller quilt.

I used a variegated green thread on the front and a 50-weight green thread for the back. It quilted like a dream.

Once I got the first row done, I realized that this pantograph produced a pattern on the quilt that sort of looked like the spikes on the spine of a dinosaur's back. How funny.

It turned out nice and puffy like expected. I hope Mary thinks so too.

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