Legion Post Curtain

The American Legion Auxiliary ladies at the local legion post asked me to make a curtain for a divider window. The legion hall holds banquets for the general public and the ladies of the auxiliary offer catering services. Back in the kitchen where the window is it can get noisy and it would just be nice for the customers that are renting the hall to see a pretty curtain over a bunch of people in hair nets washing dishes.

So I went shopping for some home dec fabric. I found a nice 60% off sale and purchased 5 yards of fabric. It is pretty heavy but not too heavy that it won't drape nicely and it is machine washable. The auxiliary ladies only requests were that the curtains had to be on rings so they could slide easily and the rod had to be about 10 inches longer than the window so they could slide them out of the way.

I didn't like the large size of the grommets available for draperies at the fabric shop so I headed to Ikea. There I found some nice medium-sized rings with clips that pinched the fabric to hold the ring on. I didn't want the clips showing so I added a strip of fabric to the back of the curtains to hold the clips. Surprisingly, it took me less than an hour to cut and sew all the curtain panels.

Once they were finished my husband and I headed over to the post where he could install them. When we were at Ikea we also purchased the curtain rod to hold the curtains. The rod had a nice industrial feel that matched nicely with all the stainless ovens, stoves, freezers and refrigerators in the hall. We got to the hall and surprisingly, it took about an hour and a half to install the curtain rod and hang the curtains. That didn't matter, we were just happy they turned out so nicely. Hopefully they will add a nice bit of charm at the next catering event.

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