Gypsy Wife Quilt Alongs

I decided to join in a quilt along that starts On February 2.  As soon as I decided to do the quilt along I instantly ordered the pattern book and a quilt bundle.

The quilt bundle is Alison Glass' kaleidoscope bundle and the fabrics are all wovens. My plan is to do the gypsy wife in a color palette moves across the quilt like a rainbow. Reds/pinks will be to the left and blues/purples to the right with oranges, golds, greens in between.

I will use my low volume fabrics for the strips that run through the quilt and between the blocks.

While prepping for this quilt along I happened to find another group doing the same pattern. That quilt along started on January 1 so I decided to start making blocks. In this second quilt along there are prizes given away by sponsors. How fun to have an added incentive to make this! I made the first block for the contest and I just love how it turned out. Maybe I will get lucky and win some nice prizes.
Gypsy Wife Colour Wheel Block

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