The Polar Vortex

This week was a brutal one. On Monday we got more than 6 inches of snow which was pretty to watch. Considering that it hasn't snowed much this winter, I think my husband was excited to use his new snow blower. I enjoyed watching out the windows. Schools were cancelled and I half-expected my grandkids to walk over to go sledding on the hill in my back yard. They stayed home and enjoyed cuddling with their mama.

We experienced the polar vortex on Wednesday and Thursday. The temperatures with wind chill hovered around -50 for those two awful days. I went outside last Sunday to get some groceries and attend a meeting at church and I did not take a single step outside again until Friday - a whole 5 days later. We went to the mall and did some serious walking just to get out of the house.

Since I was stuck indoors, I pretty much never left my sewing room. It was kind of nice to have no expectations except to make dinner at the end of the day. Even then, some nights Jeff cooked so I really enjoyed hunkering down in there.

I worked all week on the Gypsy wife. Even though there's a quilt along starting tomorrow, I couldn't help myself. I have many of the blocks done. I am really having fun with this quilt top. I took the time to map out my color arrangement and it is turning out as I hoped (so far). Waiting for the start of the quilt along was not in the cards.

I'm not making much progress on My Small World. The next block I have to make has lots of applique so I am putting off the inevitable for now.

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