I had my very first Etsy sale. I am very excited that it finally happened. Over the years I've sold many things at craft fairs and by word of mouth. I've even sold quilts on Ebay. But for me, Etsy was pretty elusive. 

I tried to sell quilts on Etsy a few years back with no success. That's when I tried Ebay and that worked better for me. I chalked it up to the saturated market on Etsy that did not exist on Ebay. I don't think it hurt that I have a good seller score on Ebay from years of selling other items there.

I thought I would try again with table runners. I have a regular clientele that purchase my table runners directly, so maybe those would be better to sell than high-end quilts. I listed 24 table runners and the first one sold. Yay! 

I shipped her item this morning and I hope the purchaser enjoys her new home-made item.

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