Sophia's Birthday Quilt

This is Sophia's birthday present. Sophia is my daughter's friend's daughter. Sophia's older sister, Lilly is my granddaughter's best friend. Of course I made Lilly a quilt for her birthday and Lilly's mom was so thrilled and appreciative that I couldn't help but want to make one for Lilly's little sister. We've always been invited to these girls' birthday parties so it wasn't unusual for me to make this quilt for this little girl.

Her favorite colors are pink and purple and other than that, I just knew she was like many other little girls who like things that sparkle. So this fabric seemed appropriate for this quilt. I made 12 large star blocks and sewed them together to make the rows. I didn't use a quilt pattern, just instructions for the big 12-inch star block and added a small inner border and a larger outer border. It was pretty quick and easy.

I quilted this using a pantograph called Cloud of Hearts. It compliments the little fairy princesses on the fabric nicely. 

I like how it turned out and I sure hope Sophia (and her mother) like it. 

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