Row by Row Quilt in Progress

I got ready to quilt this quilt called Row by Row on my longarmer. Before I loaded it I noticed how nice the rows looked from the back. I am a firm believer in pressing my quilts. It really makes a difference and helps with accuracy when lining things up.

Once I got it ready to go I stitched 3 rows of quilting. I got halfway through the 4th row when bam! the machine just stopped. It was like the power went out. Except that the lights were on, the television was still on and everything else power-wise was still working. I instantly turned the machine to the off position and back on. Nothing. I unplugged and plugged it in and nothing. The light was on on the surge protector so I suspected that it was not power related. I even plugged the machine in a different outlet. Nothing. I checked all the connections, asked my husband to double-check the power and everything was fine. It looks like I have to make a service call. So this is as far as this quilt is going to get until I figure out what's going on. What a bummer.

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