What's on the Design Board?

I've had this pretty bundle for a few years now and it's finally hit the top of my to-do list. I know it will be a bit of a challenge which is why I was in no hurry to make it. Although I enjoy honing my quilting skills for some reason, this one intimidated me more than most others.

I really struggled with the instructions for the center of this quilt. Once I completed the diamond sections, there was nothing that stated how wide the sections should be. So I was worried when I put it together and sure enough, one section was not quite right. So I am missing a point on one of the diamond pieces and after 3 tries to get it right I decided it was time to call it quits and just move on. Even though I added more borders to the center section, I still might unpick the center stitches and hand sew it back together in order to make the points better. I doesn't look half-bad from this distance though, don't you think?

There's not a lot of quilting going in these days since my longarner has to go to the shop. I will be taking it in right after Labor Day and won't be getting it back until September 16th. My husband thinks I will be going into withdrawal way before then. I disagree since I have so many other things to do so I guess we will see.

Yesterday morning I got up at 5 and took a walk around the yard. The sun was just coming up and it really made the flowers look pretty. Here are the sunflowers on the side of my vegetable garden. It sure took them a long time to finally bloom. In fact there are many more still to come. 

I also canned salsa last week and I have so many tomatoes that are ready that I will be canning another case of salsa at the end of this week.

It rained all day last Monday and just look at this guy. He knows what to do on a rainy day.

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