The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show

Here are photos from our annual trip to the Madison Quilt Expo. It's been renamed to The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show. I don't know if the change has anything to do with the passing of the amazing Nancy Zieman. The show always belonged to her (and PBS) and you could just stop by and say hi to her. She was always there and always pleasant and beautiful. And now she is sorely missed.

I took this photo because the maker is from Menominee, Michigan. That's where my husband went to high school and my mother is from there.
I know the maker of this mini quilt. Congratulations Sue on your continued success.
I like how the simple lines in the quilting give this quilt depth.
The Prince Challenge exhibit was here. I originally saw it in Houston. I love the creativity.
I took this photo because the quilt has a dragon in it. My granddaughter loves dragons.
I purchased one of these panels. I look forward to using this photo as inspiration when I quilt mine.
I was in Amsterdam in June. What a beautiful reminder of that trip.
 I find it incredible how the use of color in a block can create such a distinct portrait.
 I love quilts with house blocks.
I found this one so creative and in my house we love airplanes. 
Nice use of selvages. 
I love maple leaf blocks. 
I bought the pattern today at the show to make one of these. 
So pretty! 
Here's what I purchased from the vendor mall at the show. 

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