My Amara

Last week my longarmer just stopped working. It shut down in the middle of quilting a quilt. It was like somebody turned off the power. However, the room was still lit and everything else that was turned on was working. I immediately got to work troubleshooting and ended up on a message board where there have been reported issues with a specific circuit board in these machines.

Quilting ConnectionI called my dealer and we walked through her troubleshooting methods and she directed me to the tech support at Handi Quilter once those things didn't work. I went through troubleshooting methodology with the tech support people and then he asked me for the serial number of the machine and instantly he stated that the motor driver board needs to be replaced. Tech support was shipping the part to my dealer. Done.

I had to schedule an appointment with my dealer to get the board installed once Handi Quilter delivered it to them. They are very busy people. But very good at customer service. Since I recently started working at a quilt shop, the scheduled date for dropping the machine off was a day I had to work. My husband very nicely volunteered to drop the machine off since we would have to transport it in his truck anyway. There's no way that machine would ever fit in my little Mini Cooper...unless I put the convertible top down. Ha!

Here's my precious cargo headed to the shop for repair. I won't have the machine back until September 16th. I don't know how I will survive without her. I will have the machine tuned up since they will working on her anyway.  Good thing there's plenty of gardening and quilt tops to be made.

Speaking of gardening just look at the size of this cabbage. In order to get an idea of the size of this thing, I put my hand in the photo. It's huge!

We went to Six Flags Great America yesterday and I did a bad thing. I took a photo of the photos you can purchase of us on one of the rides. It grainy and blurry but here it is.
My granddaughter loves roller coasters. And I musts confess, I do too! Here are the two girls when we left Hurricane Harbor. 
Hurricane Harbor
Seeing as yesterday was the last day of summer vacation, it felt really to finish it off with a bang.

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