Postage Stamp Quilt Block Class

I am teaching a class on the postage stamp quilt block this Thursday. I thought this would be a good class for beginners who like to keep their scraps. Since I am teaching this to the church quilt group, I know we get a lot of donated scraps and this might interest someone who wishes to use them.

I started by making samples of each step. The first step is cutting the pieces so we could practice our accuracy with a ruler and rotary cutter. The second step is sewing 4 strips together.  After that we press the seams all to one side - another great lesson. Then we will turn the strip set sideways and cut into strips again. This will teach the class how to line up a sewn block for cutting. Then we will learn to nest seams as we sew the strips together to make the blocks.

I also made a sample with 3 blocks sewn together in order to promote the importance of pressing to one side.

I think this will also be a lesson in color arrangement. I want to stress that sometimes the print doesn't matter as much as the color. I hope the class gets some enjoyment in making these for themselves. I made sure they will have written instructions with photos as well. That's how I was instructed and it worked for me. Here's to hoping the class enjoys this!

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