Upcoming Craft Fair

I really need to do an inventory of my finished crafts. I've been selling a few things on Etsy and by word of mouth. So everything is in disarray from digging for things. It's time to get a handle on it since I have a craft fair coming up at the beginning of November. All of a sudden it feels like right around the corner.

I keep my crafts for sale in nice white bins. They are well protected and stay nice and clean. It looks like a small amount of stuff but you would surprised at what they hold. There are hours and hours of work inside these bins!

Here is everything from inside the bins. I have to mention the craft rack as well. My husband made it for me based on my design. This is our second version. We modified the shelves after using an original version and figuring out how it could be better. This version is made of a wood that is lighter which makes it easier to haul once it is folded up.

It is designed that when it is set up it is solid. Bumping into it does not create an issue at all. I have a Pinterest board with a photo of the craft rack on it and it has almost 10,000 shares/likes/saves. It it my most popular pin.

Believe it or not there are more than 50 table runners in that stack and 50 zipper pouches and little tote bags. There are burp cloths, baby blankets, super hero capes, aprons and more.  There are also dolls and boo-boo sacks filled with eucalyptus scented rice.

I forgot how many items I have. It makes me feel more prepared. I will make more over the next few months but I will feel less stressed about it now. Yay!

It was my granddaughter Avery's birthday yesterday. She wanted family over for cake at my house. She loves my dining room and plays in there all the time. So I set up her cake in there. My mother and sister came over and we all sang happy birthday to her. Her friend Kira lives next door to me so she was over with her little sister as well.

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