Midge's Winnie the Pooh Baby Quilt

Today my friend Midge came over and I quilted her Winnie the Pooh baby quilt for her. She stayed and chatted with my while I quilted it. I loved having the company and she said she really needed to get out of the house; her husband was driving her crazy. It's not even winter yet and I understand how close quarters can drive you crazy when you're stuck in the house. Ha!

The quilt Midge made was simple squares with a nice border made with a twister tool. Midge is a garment sewer so making a quilt is not in her wheelhouse. She did a great job and the quilt colors are so nice and soothing. I'm sure our friend Mark and his wife will love it.

Midge chose a variegated pastel thread and a butterfly pantograph for the quilt. There are butterflies in the Pooh scenes on the fabric and the baby is a girl so it's a perfect selection. I got Midge involved in the project by showing her how to attach the zippers to the top and bottom of the quilt in order to put it on the frame. The only struggle we had with the quilt is that the outer border was cut on the bias so it was a little stretchy when loading it.

Midge and I had a nice afternoon of chatting while getting her little beauty done. Those were a nice few hours of quality time with her.

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