What's on the design board?

Starting this month off with a design board full of new projects is just not going to happen. I have a craft fair coming up in 2 days and all my spare time has been spent on prepping for that day.

I decided to experiment with some new ideas and whipped up some hot pads. Another new item is the bowl cozies I made earlier this year. If they sell I will me making many more.  

My hot pad experiment includes a copy of my favorite recipes printed on pieces of fabric. I cut fabric to 8 1/2" by 11", just like standard printer paper and ironed it onto a piece of freezer paper cut the same size. It just amazes me how the fabric sticks so well. In fact, sometimes I have trouble peeling the fabric off the paper after it has been run through the printer. 
Once I print the recipe on the fabric, I set the print with a hot iron. That should keep the print nice and crisp on the fabric. I did some patchwork sewing around the recipe until I got a piece that measured around 9" square. I backed it with Insul-Bright and a piece of cotton batting and added coordinating backing and stitched all around. I also added a loop to hang the hot pad. 

I hope they are popular at the show because they sure are fun to make.

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