Winter Quilt Show

My husband attended the Winter Quilt Show in West Bend today and while we were there he was awarded a quilt. What a wonderful surprise. He walked up to a booth where two women were sitting to thank them for their work making quilts for veterans and the Little Houses for veterans program that they support. The next thing we knew they were giving him a quilt! He was tickled pink by the nice surprise.

The winter quilt show is something that we attend every year but something changed. It just wasn't as nice of a show as it was in the past. The way the vendor booths were set up was weird and everyone there was bumping into everything. The quilt display wasn't as large as past years as well.

We did enjoy a nice lunch after we left the show and it was nice to get out of the house in the middle of the winter so it wasn't all bad. Here's to next year!

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