Baby Blankets and Burp Cloths

I've been pretty lax when it comes to finishing sewing projects these days. I have plenty of projects started but none of them worth posting about.

I did complete some baby blankets though. I make these simple blankets just by sewing two squares of flannel together and after flipping them right-side out, I just stitch a little design around the edge and that's it. I also make matching burp cloths out of flannel with a nice soft minky on the back. These are pretty popular at craft fairs and I have one coming up at the end of the month so hopefully they will sell there. At least it will look like I have something sell - ha ha!

And speaking of the craft fair, I've been experimenting on some new ideas. Now that my baby items are complete I can't wait to get those new things going. Craft fairs used to stress me out but not any more. I get done what I get done and that's that. I have display racks that my husband built and totes just to haul my craft items. I also have one tote that I call the 'office' bin. It contains my business cards, bags for making sales, stickers with my business name for the bags, a cash box, spare price tags, my square reader for credit card sales and my signage. It sure makes for a stress-free day knowing those things are all packed up and ready. Now if only I could predict what people will buy.

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