Art and a Bag

I had no idea when I took this photo that it would be my granddaughters' last week of school - most likely for the entire school year. I took the photo last Wednesday. This week is supposed to be the week before spring break starts.  Instead school is planning for virtual learning for the rest of the year. The pandemic stopped everything normal. I am so proud of Avery especially since her sister is considered the artist of the family.

I volunteer at the grade school regularly. I expected to be back this week to make the popcorn for popcorn day. It's really hard to get a grip on all that's going on. I feel stressed all the time. And worried. Avery is a type 1 diabetic. She is especially vulnerable at this time.

My sewing finish for the week is Chloe's backpack. I made it using a hand-painted fabric panel and some matching modern fabric. I didn't use a pattern, just some common sense measurements. I took her laptop and measured it. The fabric panel was a little small so I bordered it. The bag is cushioned with lots of layers of fleece to protect her electronics. There's a zippered pocket inside and two large pockets on the back for the rest of her things.

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