Foot Pain and Potholders

I've been struggling with this weird foot pain for about 4 months now so today I saw an orthopedic doctor who specializes with feet. And after some poking around and an x-ray, it turns out the bones that connect to three of my toes are too close together pinching off the nerves.

Apparently this is the kind of thing that happens after a lifetime of being a long-distance runner and years of wearing high heels. So I got a cortisone injection between my toes that is supposed to bring relief. So far all I can feel is pain and discomfort. The doctor says it should feel much better by Monday. I think it's going to make for a long weekend.

Over the past few days I've finished a few pot holders for a craft show. They are very pretty and basically in two different sizes. I say basically because I started with batting scraps then did scrappy quilt-as-you go sewing until I covered the entire piece of batting. I added Insul-Bright and a piece for backing along with twill loop before sewing.

The batting scraps I used were in at least 4 different widths when I cut them into squares. So I just sorted them into smaller and larger once I completed them. That will make it easy to just use two price points instead of worrying about pricing by exact size.

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  1. Ooh hope you feel better soon--pain is no fun for sure!! Hope your shot brings relief...
    Lovely stack of pot holders--I like the loop addition a lot hugs, stay safe Julierose