Moroccan Mosaic Quilt

I actually made a lap quilt that complements the colors in my living room. That's unusual for me to do. Usually if I want to make a quilt, it has more to do with colors I like or fabric prints I like. Doesn't matter if there's a plan for use of a quilt.

My living room rug is a pretty mix of browns, blues and burgundy/red. It is the centerpiece of the room. The furniture and the walls are shades of dark brown and everything in the room complements the colors.
Tim Holtz
I fell in love with a Tim Holtz print that just happened to match my living room colors. Once I found a pattern that highlighted the print, I added fabrics that would work well with it.

In these difficult time of this pandemic, there's not a lot of things to do outside of sew. I love to sew but it sure doesn't feel so comfortable to enjoy so much time in my sewing room. I finished this quilt top over 3 days time.

Tim Holtz

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