Craft Fair Cancelled

I was wondering how long it would take the organizers of the March 28th craft fair to cancel the event. Well, yesterday was the day. Since the covid-19 virus reared its ugly head with an announcement of a positive patient here in Oak Creek, it took the fair organizers 24 hours to cancel the craft fair. I think that took too long; they should have canceled it a while ago. But that's ok. I was still working on projects as if it was actually going to happen even though it seemed ill-fated.

Today I completed these stay-put ruffled kitchen towels. I had a 10-pack of tea towels and I used all 10 of them. They are pretty cute. I think I'm going to take the beige one off the display rack and use it in my kitchen now that I won't be trying to sell it this month.

On another note regarding the craft fair, my friend and I were planning on making fabric masks to sell. I thought it would be a fun way to relieve some of the stress of the situation we are in. They might not be terribly effective for medical staff, but if I felt a cold coming on, I would feel better about being around other people at the grocery store by wearing one of these.
With no place to go, I wanted to do some yard work today. Unfortunately it's raining today so I got out my latest fabric purchase to start a new quilt project. The pattern for this quilt calls for fat quarters of 12 different fabrics for the blocks and I chose to use 4 fabrics which means I needed 3 fat quarters - or 3/4 yard of each of the 4 colors. The pattern is a little complicated because by changing how you put the colors together, you can change the look of each block. I wasn't sure exactly how I want the blocks to look so I will cut all the pieces first. It's going to be fun to make a quilt and stop making crafts again.

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