Bowl Cozies

It goes without saying that my favorite hobby is quilting. All year I make as many quilts as I can with a few small projects thrown in here and there. While making quilts, I keep in the back of my mind craft projects that I can do with my quilt scraps as well as new ideas of things that would sell at a craft fair. I'm spending the month of March making those things with the quilt leftovers for a craft show at the end of the month. Today I finished a bunch of bowl cozies. It's one of the ways I use up batting scraps.

While sewing I've been binge-watching The Crown and I love it. I started watching it last week and I am already on Season 2. I like to try out shows that are mentioned at the Golden Globes, Emmys, Oscars, etc. That's how I found Breaking Bad, Ozark, Marriage Story....I could go on an on. 

It helps get through the sometimes tedious work of mass producing craft items. It's fun sewing them up but sometimes when I get to the ninth and tenth bowl cozy (for example) I am ready to move on to the next project. I guess I shouldn't have lined up 3 new quilt projects for after the craft fair. Maybe then I could settle down and concentrate - ha!

Over the weekend we went on a Vintage Shop Hop. It was a two-day event where over 400 antique shops held special sales for the event. The shops are located all over northern Illinois and southern/western Wisconsin. We spent a day trekking across Wisconsin where I picked up a few cute things. The berry basket will become part of my craft fair display. I think burp cloths might look cute in there. It was great fun and a nice opportunity for my husband and me to have a little getaway.

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