Morning Star Quilt

I love this little 500 Quilt Blocks book. It contains examples of the blocks completed in modern, fresh fabrics which adds to its appeal for me. Another benefit of the book is that each block has instructions in two different sizes. That helps solve any math-sizing dilemmas.

I used the Morning Star block a while back to make a quilt for the daughter of a friend. I liked the result and found that it was a great block for showing off a specific print. I had a piece of cute fabric left over from a Quilts for Kids quilt I made and it could be easily incorporated into a quilt from that same block. So I dug deep into my scrap bins to find enough coordinating fabrics to go with the kitty print. I was determined to use up my charity fabrics so there are 3 different yellows in the star points of the blocks I made. I still struggled to get the 5 yellow blocks but I did it!

I had more purple solid though so making the purple blocks was pretty easy. I arranged them in a way to make them look like it was planned but it wasn't - there just wasn't enough yellows - ha! I did have to come up with a different purple for the outside border - again, all from my charity fabric bin. I also ran out of the background fabric so I found some very similar and you can't really tell from a distance.

I used a large piece of yellow flannel for the back and finished it up with a light yellow binding. It's labeled and ready to go to the Quilts for Kids local charity.

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