What's on the design board?

I've had some fabric samples that were used by fabric distributors to sell fabric to shops. They come in a grouping with a large swatch of each print available in a fabric collection. I wish I would have taken a photo of this collection. It seemed like a very small amount of fabric. Some of the pieces were a little smaller than a fat quarter and a few of them were a little larger. I think there were 9 different prints in this collection.

So I took the pieces and laid them out. Then I got inspiration from the quilt tutorial found here. I realized that I really liked this tutorial, sadly, not so much for the content but because it was not full of ads! I understand that people make money with their blogs by linking to ads but I absolutely hate having to scroll through the ads to read a blog post. And frankly, I refuse to click on any of them. Not even to remove them. I think that counts as a click that gets the blogger paid and I won't do it-that's how I boycott the ads, lol. As if anyone cares. Haha!

After doing some math to get a common width of the fabrics in my little collection, chose to cut the pieces into 3" strips. That minimized waste. I sewed up the little 4-patches in less than 2 hours. It was so fun. And I can't believe how many I got. The funny thing about these is that I put them on the design board in a random pattern. I just plopped them up there and I don't think I will rearrange a single block. 

I will add white sashing and a large white border and it will be ready to quilt. What a fast and fun project.

Here are all the blocks I made:

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