Flying Leap Quilt a.k.a. The Lock Down Quilt

I've been working on this quilt on and off for over a year now. The pattern is called Flying Leap. I purchased the pattern at Blue Bar Quilt when I went on a shop hop bus trip with a church group back in October 2019. I instantly started making the blocks. OK...a block. I got one done and I set it aside. 

Why is it so hard to pick up a project after setting it down? I think part of the answer is that this one is made from scraps and scraps are messy. I generally don't like messy.

I've picked up this project multiple times but never could seem to finish it. Then winter came and after almost a year of living through a pandemic I decided it's time to finish it. I certainly have plenty of time. Especially since my husband tested positive and I had to quarantine for 14 days. What a perfect time to finish a project. So I am officially renaming this quilt from Flying Leap to Lock Down. Ha! 

During the 14-day quarantine I got all the blocks done. Once quarantine ended, we got a brutal snowstorm so I felt like I was back in lockdown. The quilt shop where I work closed and I had another long stretch of nowhere to go. I sewed all the blocks together and finished the quilt top. 

I spent a week completing the quilting. I did all ruler work and free motion quilting. The ruler work took a lot of time as I wanted each section of the quilt to look different from its neighbor. It was a lot of fun. It was only my second attempt at ruler work and I found myself buying a book with quilting designs in it to help me figure out what to do. It is a great book-I'm sure I will use it often.

I used Grunge on the back and as the binding so as to not take anything away from the colorful blocks or the quilting. I think the back looks awesome.

Today I stitched on the binding and am so very happy to call this quilt finished. 

Lock Down Quilt

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