Jack's Northern Star Quilt

I dug out a fabric bundle I purchased a few years ago to make a baby quilt. I am not sure why I wanted to make a baby quilt - I see no new babies in my future. I think I just needed a project that didn't take too long. The fresh colors are also nice to be around in the middle of winter. Ugh!

I used a pattern called Jack's Northern Star found in the book Baby Takes Five by Creekside Stitches. I bought the book at Creekside Stitches Quilt Shop last year. It's nice to support Wisconsin artists. 

The quilt went together quickly but then it sat since I couldn't decide on backing. It was tough to find the right color and I really wanted to finish it from my stash. About a month after I made the top, I was organizing my sewing room and I came across some yardage in a cute bunny print. It wasn't quite big enough but I did some creative sewing to make it work.

I quilted it with a simple pantograph called Loophole that compliments the star blocks nicely. 

It's a cute baby quilt that's a decent size so it should be usable well past toddlerhood. 

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