My Kitty Peyton

Art Docent Program
My granddaughter is part of her school's art docent program. Once a month she gets to take a trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum and learn about art. I am lucky enough to be a chaperone and I love it. It's an amazing opportunity to get to experience the art with a guide who is an expert. We all learn so much. These are all of the 4th graders who get to participate in the program from her school. 

While we were there we had some fun taking photos among the art. She is such a pleasure to be around. 

I was lucky enough to score some scrap batting from the quilt shop this week. We have so many samples made and there's always a little batting leftover from each project. If the batting scraps are big enough we use them for table runners. If they're too narrow for table runners I take them to my church sewing group. We sew the scraps together to make batting pieces big enough for our charity quilts. It looks like I have a lot of sewing ahead of me!


My kitty loves to help me quilt. When I'm sewing she sits on the sewing table and when I'm planning quilt tops, she's right there to make sure she sees what's happening. When she rests in the sewing room, it's usually on a quilt loaded on the longarmer.


I love hanging with her. She is absolutely delightful. She's just 9 months old and so much fun. Her energy level is through the roof. One of the funniest thing she does is she chases the ball on the television screen. Whether it's a Bucks game or in this case, the Super Bowl, she loves to go after them. Footballs, basketballs, and even baseballs are fair game for her - haha!


Since she's an athletic girl who was born in Denver, her name is Peyton Meowning. 
Peyton helps me iron table toppers.

Peyton takes a break in her hammock.

Peyton wishes she was outside.

On a fun note, my boss has a hot dog steamer and I borrowed it to use while watching my granddaughters. I couldn't wait to try it out and surprisingly the hot dogs tasted so much better cooked this way. I don't know if it was the steaming process itself or just the fun of thinking that it made a difference. 

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