Valentines Fabric Envelopes

I love sewing on winter days. When there's lots of snow on the ground there's no better place than my sewing room. My grandkids do like winter fun though so grandpa obliged. I bought Jeff a stabilizer bar for Christmas for his ATV. I don't totally understand the physics behind it but apparently it makes the sled move better when attached to the back of the ATV. So he decided to test it out with the grandkids in tow.

In the meantime I whipped up a few fabric envelopes. I used the tutorial found here. It took a bit of planning because I didn't have a snap tool. I thought about ordering one online then I remembered that my daughter had one. I borrowed hers and luckily she had tons and tons of snaps in many colors. The only problem I had is that it looked so foreign I had to find a YouTube vide to teach me how to install them. Don't you just love the internet? 


The next hurdle was the edge foot. The instructions said to use an edge foot to sew all the layers together in the final step. I went to the quilt shop and picked one up and I was ready to go.  What a great foot to have in my tool box. I think I will be using this for more projects than just this one.

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