Architextures Quilt - WIP

I bought a charm pack of Architextures and a charm pack of solids designed to complement Architextures.  Then the fabric store had a 20% off sale on precuts so I bought a jelly roll of it as well. I knew I wanted to make my son a quilt out of this fabric line, but I had no idea what pattern to use. When I finally found a good pattern, I realized I needed more than what was on the jelly roll or in the charm packs.  I don't know why I do this to myself...should have never bought the precuts in the first place.  I seriously thought I would have the one charm pack around for inspiration then just go buy the yardage but it got way out of control. I hate when I let sales opportunities do that to me.  So here we are just making it up as we go.

Yesterday morning I took the charm pack of solids and cut them in half.  Then I sewed a half square solid to the Architextures charm square. Some of the complementary colors in these solids I did not understand - these colors were really in the fabric line? Whatever.  I tend to only use what I absolutely love which is very palate limiting so I just knew I had to trust the charm packs and use all these colors anyway.  In the back of my mind I thought I can still get the yardage and start over if I really don't like it.

After I ironed them and stacked them neatly, I decided to sew two of these little blocks together (one inverted) to make a funky block. I had to admit, at first I did not like how this was turning out. those solids were taking away from the subtle prints. Then I took the jelly roll and sewed the strips around the funky blocks log cabin style.  The only rule I followed was to make sure no two fabrics were the same in each block.  This really brought out the patterns in the fabric line which made them look much better. Although I was still not so sure I liked it.

As I completed each block, I stuck them up on my design wall at random.  By the time I got to the last few blocks, it was starting to grow on me.  This morning I got up and took a second look at the design wall and I really like the results now.  So now I have the dilemma of deciding whether to just sew the blocks together or add sashing in-between.  If I add sashing, what color?  Arrrgggh!  I think I will just sit on this for a few days and hopefully the decision will come to me at some inspirational moment. 

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