Quilts for Kids - Pink Monkeys Quilt

I spent yesterday at Bigsby's with the Quilts For Kids ladies. They are a really nice bunch and I enjoy the energy in the room as we sew.  The time just flies by and the creativity flows and it makes for a rewarding experience.

We did a little show and tell with the finished quilts and I really liked this string quilt (in the photo on the left).  It was made with nothing but the scraps that we all were discarding from our projects.  I love the way it turned out.  In fact, I might have to try to make one myself.  I turned in 3 finished quilts. One is pictured here. I think the pink and white with the cute little monkies will be nice for a preteen girl. I hope these kids like them as much as we like making them.

Quilts for Kids

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