Quilts for Kids - Veggie Tales Book Quilt

I took some cloth book fabric, cut the book up and made this quilt out of the cloth pages.  The hard part was keeping the pages in order so that you could still read the book.  After I laid the pages out in order, I discovered that the cover and last page were bigger than the rest of the book.  I had to decide whether to cut down the two larger pages or add fabric to the smaller ones.  I decided to add extra fabric to even them all out.  I think it turned out pretty cute. As usual, I took the leftover fabric and pieced the back together to make a big enough back. 

This quilt is ready to be sent off to Quilts for Kids.  I hope whoever gets it likes it as much as I liked putting it together.

2/26/13 Update:  I am so excited! This quilt will be featured on a local television station, WTMJ-4's television show called The Morning Blend tomorrow morning at 9am.  So not only will it bring someone a little comfort, it will be a TV star as well.

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