A Baby Quilt

My cousin lives in Mason, Ohio which is a 5-hour drive from my house.  Her son and his wife are expecting their first baby and we received an invitation to their baby shower.  It may seem strange to go so far for a baby shower however, my cousin is hosting it at her house as a BBQ, Beer & Baby event.  Now doesn't that sound like much more fun than just a baby shower?  Both my husband and I received an invitation so it sounded like fun and more like a mini-reunion with my uncle, aunt, and other cousins.

Of course a baby shower for me means a new quilt.  I was thrilled with the idea that I could use up some of the fabric I already have so I quickly made up this four-patch simple quilt with bright and cute baby prints. 

I look forward to heading to the Cincinnati area and maybe stopping at a few antique shops on the way back.  Plus they have Yuengling and we can't get it here so I'm definitely bringing some of that back.  :-)

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