The Lickety Split Bag

In my search for the perfect bag, I ended up ordering this pattern from Made By Rae. I attempted my own version of a bag but I do like this one better. It's deeper and squarer than the one I created.  I used some cute fabric to make this one as a sort of prototype.  That way if I didn't like the bag, I can give it away and I didn't use the fabric that I want for my bag. 

The bad thing about that is if I like the bag, now I have to make another one. I think that's what will happen with this one. I do like it.  However, I will test it out by carrying a few things around in it for a few hours before I get out my special fabric I've been saving. 

While working on this, I decided I needed a new place to photograph bags.  It's raining outside today so any outdoor shots were out of the question. I wasn't sure where to start when I literally tripped over my old dress form.  This dress form is very very old.  It was my husband's mother's and she has been gone since he was 14 years old.  So it has tons of sentimental value to him. 

The problem is that it is metal with a felt-like fabric attached that is wearing away.  It really doesn't look great. For some reason, I had this piece of ripped bedsheet folded neatly in my fabric remnants. Don't know where it came from or why it's in my sewing stuff but it gave me an idea. What a great cover it would make! It has to have a thread count of at least 600, it is so sturdy and thick I could hardly get pins through it to cover the dress form.  With some of the leftover sheet, I ripped a piece to tie around the waist and neck to show off it's nice shape. I think my husband will be pleasantly surprised when he sees it.

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